The Timeless Formula for Market Traction - Sell-Build-Sell (Amitabh Sinha, CEO Workspot)
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The Timeless Formula for Market Traction - Sell-Build-Sell (Amitabh Sinha, CEO Workspot)

Amitabh Sinha is the co-founder and CEO of Workspot, a cloud native SAS platform for virtual desktops. Prior to Workspot, Amitabh ran the desktop and apps business at Citrix, where he was largely responsible for turning it into the multi-billion dollar juggernaut that it is today. Amitabh also co-founded Everypath, a mobile task automation software company back in ‘98 before mobile was a thing as an entrepreneur. If you're unsure whether you are too early or too late for the market, you don't want to miss this episode. 

(This is a summarized section of conversation with Amitabh Sinha on our pod. You can read the detailed transcript here)

2:26 Co-founding EveryPath and key takeaways - Everypath was founded in 1998 for mobile task automation. This was much before mobile was even a thing. In a span of less than 12 months, it raised a monster round of $100 mn which was a huge amount back then.  However, even though it was a great idea, the company could not become successful as it was a bit too early in time and could not find a product market fit.

10:18 Desktop and App virtualisation technology- Having one version of the app running from a central place and enabling all the employees access to it from any device they have.

12:13 The Workspot Solution- Workspot manages seamless performance of desktops running in the public cloud in Azure. The clients buy cloud desktops from Workspot instead of buying physical PCs,. It primarily solves two requirements. No. one is security and the other is that the client can provide access to consultants to it’s assets and IP without having to buy physical PCs. 

20:31 Three Peaks in startup journey- defines the three milestones of a startup right from the time the company is less than 2 mn to the time when the company has reached $100 mn in revenue and is now a standalone company. An entrepreneur needs to time his/her  exit to one of the three peaks.

27:25 Sell- Build- Sell Model- When trying to build a new product, sell the idea  of the product first. And if people actually want to buy it, then go build it. And then if people actually buy it, then go build it and then sell it after that. 

33:38 Zero Trust and Workspot- Zero Trust is essentially a security concept that requires all users to be continuously validated for security configuration. Workspot provides zero trust strategies to clients where the end point doesn't need to be trusted or the end point is highly trusted from a security perspective but it's not windows

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